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Being better is not better than being different.

We’re on a mission to shatter the Gospel of Sameness™ while building sustainable businesses.

There’s a lot of chatter about being better than others in the business world. We believe that this type of thinking breeds unhealthy competition. The problem with only focusing on being better is that there will ALWAYS be someone or something better than you and your business. So why not focus on who you are and what your company does best?

For this reason, we at The Brand Naked Agency™ build stuff for busy entrepreneurs through The Busy Entrepreneur’s Guide Toolkit™ products. Our goal at The Brand Naked Agency™ is to assist entrepreneurs in discovering their point of differentiation so they can share with clarity who they are and what they do while helping them to create and leverage their brands for sustainable future growth.

How It All Started

Serial entrepreneur and founder Marcia McCray developed the Busy Entrepreneur’s Guide Toolkit™which is a product of The Brand Naked Agency, a Marcia McCray Omnimedia™ company.

As an entrepreneur, Marcia McCray found that many of her clients were having trouble pinpointing what they do best, finding their brand voices, and understanding how to use their brand values in not just their marketing strategies but also throughout the infrastructure of their businesses. As she worked with her clients, she repeatedly experienced the same issues—the need for a deeper connection (and consistency) inside their companies and with their customers.

Marcia established systems (which later became a series of toolkits) and began using them in her design and coaching/consulting process. She also discovered that the entrepreneurs she encountered did not have the budget for her premium, done-for-you brand, The Brand Naked Agency™, so she packaged her processes into what is known today as The Busy Entrepreneur’s Guide Toolkit™, a series of D.I.Y. tools that are the more affordable version of her higher-end services.

We believe that

Powerful Brands

always start from the inside out, using their hard-wired beliefs to promote their uniqueness in the world, connecting with the people they serve.

We believe that a


brand is the result of a business centering on helping others thrive because they put others’ needs before theirs while still profiting responsibly.

We believe that a


business transforms people’s lives by serving them—not the other way around.

We believe that


businesses in discovering and embracing their oneness and helping them communicate their brands with power are our responsibility.

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