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The untypical branding toolkit

What's in the toolkit?

Design and customize your brand the way you want it.

Go from being distracted and scattered with “shiny tactics,” not knowing what to do next in your business, to being focused, organized, and strategic. The Busy Entrepreneur’s Guide Toolkit Vol.1:Build a Better Brand in 30 Days or Less Plan and Establish Your Brand  is more than just a toolkit to build your brand. It presents tools to help shape the foundation of your business so that you can connect with your customers and create a company, product, or service that people will never forget. The toolkit is designed to assist you in creating and customizing your brand five days per week in 30 days or less and enables you to break down the tasks needed for developing your business, product, or service into bite-sized chunks.

The toolkit also challenges your mindset—how you think about yourself and your business and aids you in creating a deeper connection between your business and customers. You will up your game in business acumen and strategic thinking so you can easily create your marketing campaigns and sell effectively without sounding salesy.

In the six chapters, you will:

  1. Establish and record your business and brand vision with specificity in the various aspects of your life
  2. Design your business structure and org chart to deliver your products or services to your customers in an efficient manner (helping you to be an accountable company of your word)
  3. Establish your brand foundation with four building blocks that you will refer to in your marketing strategy.
  4. Construct your business principles
  5. Determine the great advantage of your business
  6. Form your brand story.

Also included in the toolkit is:

  • An overview for each chapter followed by interactive exercises to help you establish your brand foundation
  • A 30-day calendar overview describing what to accomplish each day and how many hours you may need to achieve the activities
  • Instructions on how to use the toolkit
  • A list of free and paid resources for your journey in developing your brand.

Read and directly fill out worksheets on your favorite device.

Because you are a busy entrepreneur, you can take this interactive toolkit wherever you go using your mobile device(s). Whether you use your laptop, desktop, phone, or tablet, you can read and fill out the worksheets directly on any of your favorite devices using the free Adobe Acrobat Reader® software. All fields in the workbook are fillable and work on mobile and desktop devices, so you do not have to print the pages.

Take a sneak peek inside.

Learn, develop, and use

Here’s why you need the toolkit

  • Begin thinking like the leader of your business.
  • You will avoid brand shame and possess clarity, confidence, and consistency in expressing your brand to the public.
  • The toolkit will help you trust and understand yourself and your brand without relying on anyone else telling you what you should do.
  • You will have the tools to establish a transparent, definitive brand culture. You will not have to explain your brand essence each time a new person (employees, vendors, independent contractors, or volunteers) joins or interacts with your team.
  • Your vision will be laser-focused with a strong plan of action, avoiding distractions from shiny tactics that are not conducive to the company and brand vision.
  • You will possess tools to prepare for and sustain the growth of your brand
  • You will be pushed out of your comfort zone, and your mindset will be challenged because each activity requires you to think differently about what you may have learned about creating a brand.
  • You will have the energy to concentrate on the things that align with your brand, its culture, and its values.
  • You will be less frustrated and only make decisions designing products, services, and strategies that align with your customers, your brand, and your “ultimate vision” for your business.
The Community

Concerned about completing the work needed to have a memorable brand?

No worries. We have you covered in our brand-new, private, exclusive The Hive™ community. When you purchase the toolkit, you will be automatically enrolled in our membership group. Great people, great relationships, and great things do not exclusively grow and live in bubbles. The entrepreneurial journey requires community. In the Hive, we have the BE/S Mastermind Group, our bi-weekly lives to review the toolkit, and we have co-working sessions. And most of all, we want you to BE INFORMED. BE CREATIVE. BE CONNECTED in The Hive™.

So what are you waiting for? Get your toolkit now.

Are you ready to be the hero of your brand?

Get the toolkit now and build on your terms.

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