Introducing The Busy Entrepreneur’s Guide To Developing A Brand in 60 Days Or Less, an easy to use interactive toolkit that makes developing your brand attainable and affordable, without having to invest in a small fortune.


Discover, define, and design your brand.

The Busy Entrepreneur’s Guide To Developing A Brand is designed to help you create and customize your brand five days per week in 60 days or less and helps you break down the tasks needed for developing it into bite-sized pieces. It also assists in giving you the boldness in expressing your brand confidently in the marketplace.

We make the art of branding accessible to you. In a structured format with a daily agenda and accompanying worksheet(s), you can design your brand. Each day there are instructions, tips, and other eye-opening content. We give you exercises to delve deeper in understanding and leveraging the core structure of your brand and how to connect effectively with your customers.

Read and fill out worksheets directly on your favorite device.

Because you’re a busy entrepreneur or solopreneur, you can take this interactive toolkit with you wherever you go using your mobile device(s). Whether you use your laptop, desktop, phone or tablet, you can read and fill out the worksheets directly on any of your favorite devices using Adobe’s free Acrobat Reader®.


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Why You Need The Busy Entrepreneur's Guide To Developing A Brand in 60 Days Or Less

Learn, develop, and use the keys to living your brand out loud.

  • You don’t have to “reinvent the wheel” each time you create a marketing campaign.
  • You won’t struggle with finding the words and images that “fit” your brand and its voice.
  • You’ll avoid brand shame and possess clarity, confidence, and consistency in expressing your brand in public.
  • You’ll have an established, clear, definitive brand culture and won’t have to explain your brand each time a new person (employees, vendors, independent contractors, etc.) joins or interacts with your team.
  • You’ll have the energy to concentrate on the things that align with your brand, its culture, and its values.
  • You’ll have a laser-focus and will avoid distractions from shiny tactics that would lead you into a million different directions
  • You’ll travel the path of less frustration and you’ll only make decisions designing products, services, and strategies that align with your customers, your brand, and the “ultimate vision” that you have for your business.
  • You’ll identify the customers you wish to serve and that need your help rather than taking customers that do not contribute to your business’s vision and goals.
  • You won’t stress over the minor stuff that isn’t relevant to your brand and your customers.
  • You’ll hit the next level in your brand because you’ll possess a roadmap for your business strategy and execution based on your brand only.
What's In The Toolkit?
  • 114 pages of awesome goodness that will assist you in taking your brand to the next level
  • Instructions on how to use the toolkit
  • Examples of fictitious businesses so that you’ll know how to complete the exercises
  • Calendar overviews of the full 60 days describing what to accomplish each day
  • 33 interactive exercises accompanied with a daily agenda and other resources such as tip sheets and templates.
  • Weekly reviews

What You'll Accomplish In This Toolkit

The guide is divided into three main sections.

Section 1: Design What You Want
In Section 1, you’ll design the blueprint for your business’s brand vision which will give you focused direction for your marketing. You will also develop your four foundational brand building blocks, your business philosophy, guiding principles, and unfair advantage.

Section 2: Under the Hood Framework
In this section of the toolkit, you will develop a keen awareness and delve into the “foundational meat” of the very life of your brand. Section 2 is about using the tools (or exercises and tip sheets) provided to help you execute an authentic connection with your customers and declare your brand with clarity and confidence. You’ll design your ideal customer avatar, establish your overall messaging framework as well as targeted messaging, determine and learn how to connect with your ideal customers—your way, and link your products and or services to your customer’s pain point(s). Also, you’ll establish your brand positioning statement and value proposition, institute your brand’s personality and voice as a vehicle to express your brand and more.

Section 3: The Visual: Time For the Glow
This is where the foundational work that you’ve accomplished in Sections 1 and 2 come to the surface. You will select colors, typefaces, and additional assets for your brand (such as photography, textures, etc.), learn what you need to do to create an iconic logo, and when or if you should hire a professional designer to develop your logo. Moreover, you will construct an action step plan for going to the next level with your brand and create a BrandPrint Guide™ using our template which covers all the work you’ve completed throughout the entire toolkit. There’s even a worksheet where you’ll sketch out a logo design either for yourself or to take to a professional designer. You know your brand better than anyone else, so shouldn’t you be the one to shape it so that it’ll have a profound impact in the marketplace? Take action now. Get your toolkit.