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Be the
of your brand.

Build on your terms.

Welcome to THE toolkit where you control the narrative.


You have the drive. We have the tools. Build a better brand on your terms.

It’s time to rebel against what has always been done and create your brand on your terms. While you cannot control what people think about your brand, you can control the narrative.

Introducing the toolkit that is unlike any other. The Busy Entrepreneur’s Guide Toolkit Vol.1 Build a Better Brand in 30 Days or Less: Plan and Establish Your Brand Foundation is the ultimate easy-to-use interactive toolkit that makes developing your brand attainable and affordable without investing a fortune.

The toolkit will guide you to work from the inside out—connecting first within and then with others—from your team to your investors, customers, and vendors.

Think, connect, and create how you want to present your business, product, or service to the world.

Untypical Tools

Control your narrative with fun yet revealing exercises and activities to challenge you to think for yourself rather than having someone tell you how you should. You design how you want your brand to be.

Think differently

Every company is different. The toolkit helps you to focus on and establish what your company does best and how to deliver your product or service to your customers based on your brand’s core values.


Access your toolkit on any device of your choosing while on-the-go or at your computer. No need to print your pages. All fields are fillable and accessible using the free Adobe Acrobat Reader® software.


The power to create what you want is in your hands, but your input is required. Using the toolkit challenges you with what you believe about your business and brand and assists you in forging your company’s path in the marketplace.

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